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WH Question Words

what?: asking for information about something. Example: What is your name?

asking for repetition or confirmation. Example: What? I can't hear you. You did what?

what...for?: asking for a reason, asking why. Example: What did you do that for?

when?: asking about time. Example: When did he leave?

where?: asking in or at what place or position. Example: Where do they live?

which?: asking about choice. Example: Which colour do you want?

who?: asking what or which person or people (subject). Example: Who opened the door?

whose?: asking about ownership. Example: Whose are these keys?Whose turn is it?

why?: asking for reason, asking what...for. Example: Why do you say that?

why don't?: making a suggestion. Example: Why don't I help you?

how?: asking about manner. Example: How does this work?
asking about condition or quality. Example: How was your exam?

how + adj/adv?: asking about extent or degree see examples below:

how far? distance. Example: How far is Pattaya from Bangkok?

how long?: length (time or space). Example: How long will it take?

how many?: quantity (countable). Example: How many cars are there?

how much?: quantity (uncountable). Example: How much money do you have?

how old?: age. Example: How old are you?

how come?: (informal) asking for reason, asking why. Example: How come I can't see her?

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