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Birds are dinosaurs!!!

The Strongest Evidence of Dinosaur Heritage:

Many anatomical reasons (some in dispute) have been offered for linking birds to dinosaurs; but the strongest evidence is circumstantial:

birds fly north to nest!

Birds fly north because of dinosaur heritage. North flight is the remnant of an ancient scheme. Birds evolved from predatory theropod dinosaurs that swam in attendance with the herds of herbivores on their periodic treks and that reared their own young at the herd periphery. The dinosaur had begun 230 million years ago to be genetically wired for a seasonal trip to the north – about 90 million years before a theropod line evolved into the first bird. Marine migrations of ancient dinosaurs are no more; but the genetodynamic compulsion to fly north to nest in season lingers in numerous bird genera. The herd was father to the flock.

Today, birds fly north to lay their eggs and to fledge their young in relative safety. Flocks (in analogy to herds) fly back and forth in season over the Mediterranean, the remnant of the western Tethys.

Taken from: http://www.flwildflowers.com/birdsdinosaurs/

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Amazing Australia...

Emus have been walking the plains of Australia for about 80 million years. The Emu was around when the dinosaurs still walked the plains. They knew Australia when it was covered in rainforest.

The Emu's ability to survive such changes says much about its adaptability. According to folklore, Emus have a mysterious mechanism that tells them where the rain is, and will travel for hundreds of kilometers to find it.

They are nomadic and feed on grains, flowers, fruit, soft shoots, insects, mice, grubs, and even other animal dung. They are powerful swimmers and and capable of crossing any river. Although they must drink every day, they are very good conservers of water. Their feathers deflect most of the sun's heat which allows them to forage right through the day when nearly all other animals must take shelter.

They also have a great sense of curiosity and will investigate anything unusual. When hunting, some Aborigines used to exploit this curiosity.

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