martes, 16 de junio de 2015

Review, 1º de Bachillerato

1.      Use Present Simple or Present Continuous:

a) He usually ____________ (drink) a couple of beers in the afternoon.

b) Why are you here? ____________________ (wait) for anyone?

c) His father __________________(not call) very often, but mine does.

d) This film is boring. I__________________ (fall) asleep..

e) When ________________ (come) to school? From Monday to Friday!

2.      Use Present Perfect Simple or Past Simple:

1.       He ____________ (live) in Vallecas all these years.

2.      We ____________ (go) to Benidorm after we ______________ (finish) school.

3.      She _____________ (start) driving when she was only 14 years old.

4.      I __________________ (see) two good programs this year.

5.      He ________________ (finish) cleaning the kitchen yet.

3.      Use “Will” or “Be going to”:

a)      I passed my exam!  I _________________ (buy) something to celebrate.

b)      Why is she so happy? Because we ________________ (go) to a restaurant tonight.

c)      I failed! Don´t worry, Frank ______________ help you if you ask him to.

d)     I have something clear:  __________________ (go) to University next year.

e)      I ______________________ (preparing) a party for my friends, so I must buy drinks.

4.      Change from active into passive:

a)      He must do the exercises completely __________________________________________

b)      My father brought me to my friend´s. _________________________________________

c)      They repair shoes in this shop.________________________________________________

d)     Someone is growing beans here. ______________________________________________

e)      He hit a man in the street. ____________________________________________________

5.      Use modal verbs:

1. You ___________ wear a safety helmet in this place. It is advisable.

2. You ___________talk loudly in class. It is forbidden.

3. We ___________ get a good mark if we studied. Let´s do it!

4. People __________ smoke in this school. The law banned it.

5. It ___________________snow. Look at the clouds. It is too dark.

6. I_____________ help you if you want to get it done!

6. Conditionals:

1.      We would have gone to the shops if we _______________________(have) any money.

2.      My mum will get angry if ________________________(not go) home.

3.      If she ___________ (not come) to school, she wouldn't have obtained her title.

4.      If I ___________________(see) you, I would have told you!

5.      If I were you, I _________________ (ask) that question to the teacher.

7. Reported Speech:

1.      “My bag is still in class”.  She told me__________________________________________

2.      “Be quiet!”.  The teacher told me ______________________________________________

3.      “Have you ever played this game?”. He asked me__________________________________

4.      “What are you doing?” She asked him __________________________________________

5.      “Don't be late for school!” The teacher told us____________________________________

8. Form nouns from verbs:

- arrive: ______________                                          - perform: ______________

- agree: ______________                                          - mean: ______________

- create: ______________                                         - accept: ______________

- refuse: ______________                                         - build: ______________

- ignore: ______________                                         - survive: ______________

9. Write a sentence using those words you created in the previous activity.


viernes, 5 de junio de 2015

Modals, Passive, Reported Speech, Conditionals

Rewrite in Passive Voice:

1. He opened that shop last year.

2. They are changing the climate with this attitude:

3. Your father left the house right now.

4. They were drinking water when the car crashed.

5. They will take the dog out tonight.

Use a modal verb in affirmative or negative to rewrite these sentences:

1. If I were you, I would tell the truth.

2. It´s possible that they will come later, but I don´t know for sure.

3. You are not allowed to smoke in here.

4. She wasn´t able to ride a bike.

5. We have the ability to change the future of the world.

Rewrite in Reported Speech:

1. He said: "Take your bag and go to school".

2. Their boss said to them, "You can open the doors now".

3. She said: "I won´t be going with you because my father doesn´t let me to".

4. Their parents asked them: "How often do you go to the swimming pool?.

5. Her mother asked me: "How many friends do you have?".

Complete the sentences to have proper conditional sentences:

1. I am not good at chess. If I_______ (be) taller it _______ (be) great.

2. Can you help me with my homework? Sure. If you ___________ (tell) me the pages, I ___________ (get) it ready.

3. Can we go to the shops? If we ____ (see) the bus, we ______ (take) it and go.

4. I wish I were rich. If I ______ (have) a lot of money I _____ (travel) around the world.