viernes, 3 de junio de 2011

Being green!


Reduce: This means you reduce the amount of materials you use. For example, if you use both sides of a paper, you are reducing the number of pages you need.

Reuse: This means you use the material over again for the same purpose. For example, we use dishes everyday and wash them instead of throwing away plastic ones.

Recuperate: This means you use the same material for something else. For example, a coffee cup with no handle might be reused as a container for crayons or pencils.

Recycle: This means to use the materials over again to make a new product. For example, old newspapers are recycled when they are made into new paper or other products…

How to Calculate Your Ecological Footprint: check here

Now, look at the items in this list – you may add some similar items of your own- and decide if they can be recycled, reused, recuperated or reduced and explain how. Some items may appear in more than one category.

Paper, soda can, rubber tire, cereal box, plastic bags, cinema tickets, water glass jar, lolly sticks, milk carton, styrofoam containers…

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