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Bachillerato, review

Vocabulary:  Environment, energy, the city.

Farming, pesticides, deforestation, bypass, pedestrian, campaign, sign, resources, greenhouse, development, warming, desertification, famine…

Question tags:

You have been waiting… Haven´t you?

There are many people… Aren´t there?

They will help you… Won´t they?

She likes you... doesn´t she?

They ate everything... didn´t they?

can/could/be, able to may/might, should/ought to must/have to

You are late… You should apoligize.

He is ill… He ought to go to the doctor.

He is not able to find his glasses… He can´t find them.

We are not allowed to bring mobile phones to school… We may not take them to school.

I think he is a teacher... He might be a teacher.

He has to go with you... He must go.

Passive Voice: 
Be + past perfect 
(Always perfect –third column- after the verb “to be”)

My father gave me a present: A present was given to me / I was given a present (by him).

They are building houses: Houses are being built.

You cannot do it: It cannot be done.

Did you tell them to do it?: Were they told to do it?.

Have yoy told them to do it?: Have they been told to do it?.

When did they create it?: When was it created?.

He will finish the work this week: The work will be finished this week.

Revise pages 11,12 and 13 of yor grammar in:

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  1. Revise pages 11,12 and 13 of yor grammar in: